The Migrant Children's award is a broad-based initiative that includes post-secondary educators and students, municipal and business leaders dedicated to enriching the lives of local Migrant workers' children with a life changing Canadian post-secondary education.

Award Goal

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Our Goal to create a $2,000,000 self-sustaining education award for two young adults per year.

Niagara farmers employ 4,000 migrant farm workers each year. Many of these workers return every year spending most of their working lives in Canada, leaving family in order to provide them a better life. It is time Niagara gives back to this forgotten community and give the gift of education to their children.

Tuition, books, transportation and
living expenses
are covered.

The Award

An educational fund for adult children
of local migrant workers.

We are currently embarking on an ambitious fund-raising effort to raise of total of $2,000,000 in order to provide a fully funded award for two children of Migrant workers per year to Brock University or Niagara College. Learn more »


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